Top & Bottom Fielded Panels
Top & Bottom Fielded Panels
Top & Bottom Fielded Panels
Top & Bottom Fielded Panels

Top & Bottom Fielded Panels

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With attractively profiled mitred softwood trims inside a wide deep border, Fielded panels compliment any interior for a period look. Form and shadow combine to create attractively detailed traditional panelling.

Uniquely supplied with most mitred trims already attached, achieving a Fielded appearance is quicker and easier than ever - Available with selected loose trims to assist with an easy installation – they are an ideal style for angled stair walls.

Available in all 6 standard modular heights and special heights in both widths to order.

Moisture resistant, primed white and ready to paint, our Fielded panels are perfectly suited to any property to achieve a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian style home.

Additional Sizes

If you wish to purchase:

  • 4C (Width: 385mm x Height: 1715mm)
  • 4CW (Width: 585mm x Height: 1715mm)
  • 5C (Width: 385mm x Height: 2130mm)
  • 5CW (Width: 585mm x Height: 2130mm)
  • 6C (Width: 385mm x Height: 2545mm)
  • 6CW (Width: 585mm x Height: 2545mm)

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Additional Important 

End Trims are essential to completing any Finepanel project – you will need 2 end trims per wall for Finepanels.

To add an end trim to your order, please visit the Top & Bottom Fielded End Trims page.