Top & Bottom Classic Panels
Top & Bottom Classic Panels
Top & Bottom Classic Panels
Top & Bottom Classic Panels

Top & Bottom Classic Panels

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An elegant, timeless, adaptable style of wall panelling to suit all interiors from period to contemporary.

Beautifully simple rectangular 'Top & Bottom Classic' (T&BC) Finepanels are pleasing to the eye and quietly distinguished. Their plain lightly-chamfered appearance is perfect for creating an understated interior where pleasing vertical lines add subtle interest.

As their name implies, irrespective of their height, T&BC Finepanels have one horizontal top trim and one horizontal bottom trim. A shelf and brackets can be added above these 1300mm and 1715mm panels for light storage or ornamental displays, adding a modest appeal to any room.  Please contact our Finepanel Specialists for more information on shelving and brackets.

Additional Sizes

If you wish to purchase:

  • 4C (Width: 385mm x Height: 1715mm)
  • 4CW (Width: 585mm x Height: 1715mm)
  • 5C (Width: 385mm x Height: 2130mm)
  • 5CW (Width: 585mm x Height: 2130mm)
  • 6C (Width: 385mm x Height: 2545mm)
  • 6CW (Width: 585mm x Height: 2545mm)

Please call our sales helpline on 01480 213 266

    Additional Important 

    End Trims are essential to completing any Finepanel project – you will need 2 end trims per wall for Finepanels.

    To add an end trim to your order, please visit the Top & Bottom Classic End Trims page.